New tax scams to watch out for in 2017

Security Series #7 – February 2017 IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO LOOK OUT FOR, YOU CAN AVOID BECOMING A THIEF’S NEXT VICTIM. Tax season is right around the corner, and unfortunately, a surge in tax scams is likely to come with it. Tax scams can take many different forms, but (more…)

Seaside Launches New Website

    Seaside National Bank & Trust is excited to announce the launch of its completely redesigned website at Visitors to the site will find a clean, classic design in our familiar coastal color palette. Organized, streamlined and automatically adaptive to any screen size, the site houses everything you (more…)

Ransomware’s Greatest Adversary: Employee Cyber Awareness

Security Series #5 – November 2016 (Original Content Provided By Maura Wiese, Vice President and Underwriting Manager, Cyber & Technology, XL Catlin) RANSOMWARE It’s every organization’s nightmare: something is intentionally preventing an employee from using its computer system normally. Whether access to the operating system is blocked, files are encrypted (more…)

A Closer Look at Exchange-Traded Funds

The popularity of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) has mushroomed in recent years. From year-end 2005 through year-end 2014, ETFs issued $1.4 trillion in net new shares.* An estimated 5.2 million U.S. households held ETFs in mid-2014. Like a mutual fund, an exchange-traded fund is a basket of securities. Most ETFs are (more…)

100 Years Young
The Secrets of Centenarians

How would you like to blow out 100 birthday candles? More than 84,000 people living in the U.S. today have reached that mark, and the number of centenarians (100-year-olds) is expected to increase to 580,000 by 2040.* You may assume that your parents’ or grandparents’ longevity determines your own likelihood (more…)

Clearing Up 529 Plan Confusion

As college costs continue to rise, many parents and grandparents are being proactive about setting aside money to help finance their child or grandchild’s education. One tax-advantaged vehicle for college savings is the 529 savings plan. While 529 plans are gaining popularity, a lot of confusion remains about what these (more…)

Seaside Security: Two-Factor Authenication

Security Series #4 – October 2016 TUNE UP PASSWORD PROTECTION WITH TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION Phones, computers, and appliances all store vital information. Passwords are one of the first steps to protecting that information — digital keys to our online kingdoms. You can make login information more secure by pairing the password (more…)

Seaside Security: Partnering for your Protection

Back to School: Tips to stay safe this school year Dealing with Cyberbullies Bullies are taking advantage of technology to intimidate and harass their victims. Dealing with cyberbullying can be difficult, but there are steps you can take. What is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying refers to practice of using technology to harass, (more…)

Election Year Investment Jitters?

If you’re feeling a little uneasy about what’s going to happen to your investment portfolio when a new president is elected, you’re not alone. Every four years during election season, people’s heads start spinning with all sorts of stock market warnings and predictions based on who will win the White (more…)

4 Tips for Surviving Market Volatility

Stock market downturns happen. The good news is they are usually followed by a recovery — but that knowledge probably won’t help you sleep any better at night. Stock market ups and downs can be a bumpy ride for even the most seasoned and strong-stomached investors, but it’s possible to (more…)