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Safe & Sound

If one regularly reads the mainstream business press, the natural tendency to peg broad and complicated issues into catch phrases becomes quickly evident.  In banking, catch phrases such as “too big to fail,” “Dodd-Frank,” or “ The Basel Accords” are good examples of legislative and regulatory responses to another catch (more…)

Shedding Light on Retirement Plan Fees

If you participate in a voluntary retirement savings plan at work (such as a 401(k) plan) your [next/most recent] account statement may provide more information than your previous statements did. New Department of Labor regulations prompted the change. They require that retirement plan sponsors provide fuller disclosure about fees and (more…)

Seaside’s Culture

At the beginning of the novel Anna Karenina, written in 1877 by Russian author Leo Tolstoy, he said “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  Over a century later this quote is still valid and equally true for modern-day businesses.  Corporations only (more…)

Expansion Plans? Look To Seaside For Funding.

Expansion Plans? Look to Seaside for Funding. There are plenty of ways a small business can grow, such as expanding product and service lines or entering new markets. But sometimes just duplicating a successful operation by opening another location is the simplest approach. If you’re thinking of adding one or (more…)

Rethink That Retirement Plan!

Like many baby boomers, I’ve spent the past few years trying to be smart about making the right investments and paying off debt. I was lucky to grow up in England to World War Two parents who taught me frugality and that debt was sinful. So I’ve been listening to (more…)

Open Architecture

One of the defining characteristics of Seaside Wealth Management is its “Open Architecture” approach to investing. Open architecture involves the utilization of multiple, external investment managers and vehicles. It is quite different from the common practice of selling proprietary investment product (funds managed by an affiliate organization) or the selling (more…)

First, Do No Harm

One of the guiding principles we advocate in the management of our clients’ investments is “preservation of capital”. This concept is often mistakenly associated with a fear of any and all risk. In fact it is an objective that can be incorporated into even the most aggressive of stock strategies. (more…)

Cycles, Waves and Tides

Nature abhors a vacuum, but she must love cycles. Stand at the shore and watch the waves. Each has its own inflection,  duration, intensity, but the process that generates waves is relentlessly repetitive. Individual waves combine in groups that surfers call “sets” and these change location and intensity with the (more…)

Checks & Balances in Asset Management

In the world of institutional investing where boards are held accountable for the management of pension and foundation assets, it has become standard (although not universal) practice to separate the functions of investment advice, investment management and custodial services. The purpose of this separation is to ensure the objectivity of the advice given (more…)

The Alpha Beta Soup

A primer on portfolio statistics The analysis and reporting of returns on investments frequently involves a number of statistical measures that we do not encounter elsewhere in our daily lives. The following is an effort to demystify some of those measures, Return. The total return of an investment or portfolio (more…)