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The Saver’s Dilemma

Each generation faces its own unique investment challenges. During the inflationary 1970s, maintaining the purchasing power of income and assets was a preoccupation for both wage-earners and investors. In the first decade of this century, protecting the downside in any portfolio exposed to two of the most dramatic stock sell-offs (more…)

Checking in with Your Client Advisor

Changes in your life are likely to trigger re-evaluation of your investment objectives. The job of your Seaside Client Advisor is to work with you to reassess your objectives and help direct investment selections based on changing circumstances. What Changes Are Affecting Your Portfolio? By taking stock of your current situation, (more…)

Building a New Home? Be Prepared

Building your dream home is exciting! However, there are many unknowns, some of which are beyond your control. How long will construction take? Will the builder complete everything according to the plan? What will the final cost be? Securing financing for your construction project is a critical step in the (more…)

3 Types of Insurance You Need

Most states require car owners to have auto insurance. Mortgage companies require their customers to buy homeowners insurance. And starting in 2014, every American (with few exceptions) will be required to carry health insurance. But you may have even more to protect. The following three forms of insurance aren’t mandatory (more…)