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7 Questions to Ask Before Refinancing

For many home owners, refinancing can be a smart move. However, before you decide to refinance your mortgage, ask yourself the following: What are my goals for refinancing? Are you trying to lower your total monthly payment? Pay off your mortgage sooner? Get access to accumulated equity? Your goals will help you (more…)

Building a New Home? Be Prepared

Building your dream home is exciting! However, there are many unknowns, some of which are beyond your control. How long will construction take? Will the builder complete everything according to the plan? What will the final cost be? Securing financing for your construction project is a critical step in the (more…)

Rethink That Retirement Plan!

Like many baby boomers, I’ve spent the past few years trying to be smart about making the right investments and paying off debt. I was lucky to grow up in England to World War Two parents who taught me frugality and that debt was sinful. So I’ve been listening to (more…)