Seaside’s Culture

Posted on: March 18th, 2013

At the beginning of the novel Anna Karenina, written in 1877 by Russian author Leo Tolstoy, he said “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  Over a century later this quote is still valid and equally true for modern-day businesses.  Corporations only exist on paper; it is the people that come together as a business family to make the organization come alive. All happy work families resemble one another and each unhappy work family is unhappy it its own way.

There are thousands if not millions of companies in our country, but truly great companies with happy work families are unique. Two of the primary differentiators that all great companies share are a strong and visible culture and an absolute focus on their clients.

A business’ culture is more than its look and feel; it is how the business gets things done – both formally and informally.  Creating a strong culture is not something that comes easily; it takes a tremendous amount of energy and daily dedication from every professional within the company.  We are proud to be celebrating Seaside’s fifth year in business.  While we are excited about our many accomplishments, one of the items we are most proud of is our strong and consistent culture and our unwavering focus on you, our valued client.

Our cultural values set the standard by which we work and conduct business.

Seaside’s Cultural Values

 We are client focused

We honor integrity and ethical behavior

We provide innovative solutions

We maintain professional excellence and high performance standards

We recognize the value of the individual

We value individual participation and foster teamwork

At Seaside, we employ highly skilled professionals who possess, share and act in a manner consistent with our cultural values. We operate an advisory model, where our professionals must have the experience, training, knowledge and ability to deliver advice and service in a fashion commensurate with Seaside’s operating strategy.

In order to be truly client focused, we must first understand your needs. The Seaside promise was developed in the beginning stages of Seaside’s formation to ensure we are delivering the products and services you want and need.

Seaside’s Promise to You

We will get to know you, your family and your business. After we understand your needs, goals, and aspirations we will recommend product-neutral, needs based solutions.

Our promise implies that we will employ ethical selling as well as active management. As we understand your preferences, we will be able to create customized solutions and anticipate your future needs as change dictates. With a compassionate sense of urgency, we will provide timely, attentive and friendly service.

Great care was taken in the development of our cultural values and our client promise. Everything we do, own, or employ at Seaside is in support of our values and promise. At Seaside you’re never just a client, you’re the reason we’re here.